Clearing Catch Basins With Environmentally Safe Cleaning And Collection Process


A Tale of Two Basins

A Wisconsin-based thermoplastic engineering and injection molding manufacturer saw the pair of drainage catch basins in their Milwaukee-area facility filling up. What escalated the situation was that each set of catch basins had one basin inside the facility and a second outside the facility. Each was connected by an underground lateral that ran nearly 50 feet.

Great Lakes Power Vac was contacted and after performing a site visit and evaluation provided a detailed estimate. After receiving approval for the project plan, the team got to work.

Environmentally Smart Solution

Great Lakes Power Vac began the project by performing an on-site safety brief and immediately establishing an exclusion zone. The team utilized a hydro-excavation truck, a service vehicle, vacuum hose and other equipment to vacuum and jet the catch basins. Environmentally safe disposal of the materials was critical. The two-man team started by vacuuming the debris from the basins before jetting material from the connecting laterals. 

The vacuuming and jetting involved one of GLPV’s hydro-excavation vehicles that has the combination of vacuum and integrated pressure washing and jetting capabilies. After vacuuming and jetting the materials from the system into its truck, Great Lakes Power Vac disposed of the collected media at a licensed disposal facility. 

Why Choose Great Lake Power Vac?

Whether the collected media is common industrial waste materials or environmentally sensitive waste, GLPV is the one and only call to make. By leveraging Great Lakes Power Vac’s expertise in various types of industrial collection systems ensures that the project is done safely, cleanly, and efficiently. GLPV’s inventory of state-of-the-art equipment combined with experienced personnel means the project is done right the first time—every time.

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