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We are an experienced environmental services company comprising a highly skilled workforce with access to state-of-the-art equipment, machinery, and tools. Customers throughout the Midwest rely on our expertise and best-in-class services to maintain cleaner, safer, and more compliant and efficient facilities and operations. Regardless of the industry, you can rely on Great Lakes Power Vac for cost-effective and environmentally friendly industrial cleaning solutions throughout the Midwest.

Hydroblasting Services

We offer a range of safe and effective water blasting services. Water blasting is an environmentally friendly, effective method used to clean surfaces. Water blasting — also known as hydroblasting and water jetting, among other names — involves the use of high-pressure water to remove scale and other types of debris from a surface.

Rooftop Vacuuming Services

We remove roof ballast —  ranging in size from pea gravel and potato stone, to coarse river rock, as well as non-embedded dirt and debris — to ensure roof readiness for repair or resealing.

Facility Maintenance

Our comprehensive dust cleaning services solve the problem of combustible dust in order to maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

Hydro-Excavation and Underground Services

Hydro-excavation involves the use of specialty trucks to excavate around utilities and sensitive areas with medium water pressure and removing soil with the vacuum truck. With our hydro-excavation vehicles, sewer trucks and excavating trucks, jetters, accessories, and safety equipment, our highly skilled technicians are able to solve any project challenge, including pre-treatment, dewatering, and pumping.

Industrial Vacuum and Cleaning Services

We are your trusted source for quality industrial vacuuming and cleaning services, dewatering, tank cleaning, pre-treatment, dewatering boxes, sludge pumping, steam-cleaning, high-pressure washing, liquid vacuuming, oil/water separator cleaning, and more.

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