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Onsite Industrial and Agricultural Waste Water Cleaning Services

Great Lakes Power Vac provides customized onsite water cleaning and/or treatment services through our Aquarem™ clean water management division.

We offer powerful solutions for industrial and agricultural companies, providing sustainable management of highly valuable clean water resources.

Onsite waste water pre-treatment services

Depending on your application and the type of waste products generated at your facility, Aquarem™ can provide various custom designed service solutions, including:

  • mobile filtration systems
  • portable dewatering equipment

These solutions may permit you to discharge into water retention ponds, tanks/reservoirs, or – in some cases – directly into local storm sewer systems.

Retention and settling pond cleaning services

Aquarem™ also provides pond dredging services in conjunction with dewatering and subsequent offsite disposal or beneficial reuse of waste solids. Waste products transportation support can also be included.

Our clean water management division can also arrange for liquid waste lab analysis and waste profiling to enable proper disposal.

Benefits of Aquarem™ Water Cleaning/Treatment

There are a number of benefits these services offer…

  1. The conservation and beneficial reuse of treated water, which can either be returned to your process or the local watershed.
  2. The reduction of your carbon footprint through the elimination of over road trucking of multiple waste loads to potentially distant treatment plants.
  3. In some cases, treated water can be made available for reuse in other local applications such as irrigation of nearby farmland during drought conditions.
  4. The reuse of process water will reduce overall water usage, thereby limiting costs and minimizing waste.