The Importance of Proper Dust Control

A clean environment is a safe environment. Many industries have become more aware of the problem of combustible dust and have looked for various solutions to manage and control dust, including dust vacuuming. Programs created to keep dust levels in check were once considered, but often would only be implemented if extra time and resources allowed. Today, these programs are commonplace and are planned to occur routinely.

The benefits of proper dust management are:

  • liability reduction 
  • safety improvement
  • quality control
  • manufacturing efficiency and production
  • safety and health
  • peace of mind

Whether you have a scheduled shutdown or an emergency, GLPV provides complete overhead dust cleaning and environmental services, and routine industrial cleaning to suit most facility needs.

Specialty Safety Training

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in all aspects of equipment operation, site-safety, and compliance.

These types of services typically require specific training to perform: 

  • Confined space entry and/or rescue
  • Hazard communication 
  • Lockout/tagout
  • OSHA 10-HR general industry
  • OSHA 30-HR

GLPV provides overhead cleaning services using the most advanced equipment and employee competence in the industrial cleaning industry. Our technicians receive both in-house and site-specific training in order to safely operate equipment, thus enabling them to maintain the high safety standards that our customers expect.

Overhead Dust Cleaning Services

Methods and Technologies

We have more than 25 years of experience in industrial source removal. Our advanced vacuuming technologies, methods, and equipment are ideal for the removal of process dust and dry media commonly found in paper mills, power plants, printing facilities, packaging plants, food processing facilities, foundries, and manufacturing facilities.

Depending on the type of material to be vacuumed and its accessibility, we utilize either vacuum trucks or mobile in-plant equipment.

We can help maintain a safe and compliant workplace through the removal of combustible plastic, paper, wood, coal dust, and more from interior infrastructures, including:

  • Trusses, Pipes
  • Ductwork, Buss Ducting
  • Conduits, Machinery Tops, Ovens
  • Walls, Ceilings, Steel Structures
  • Fixtures, Penthouses
  • Process Line Equipment
  • Overhead cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Dust-downs
  • Combustible dust remediation
  • High dusting
  • Deep clean 

Compliance Standards

Keeping your facility clean will ensure compliance with:

  • OSHA’s proposed rule for managing combustible dust
  • Insurance requirements
  • Vendor specifications and qualifications
  • AIB manufacturing requirements
  • NFPA requirements
  • Customer quality expectations

Experienced Facility Maintenance Cleaning Experts

The following are examples of the facility cleaning services expertise we employ for our customers:

  • Overhead dust vacuuming, cleaning, and removal
  • Heavy industrial applications 
  • Dangerous environments
  • LEAN manufacturing, AIB, and OSHA experts
  • Fall protection
  • Confined space entry
  • Hazardous materials
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Chemical awareness
  • Manufacturing shutdowns or active operations
  • Combustible dust removal solutions