Industrial Roof Vacuuming Project In Downtown Milwaukee

We have built up our reputation for providing cleaner, safer, and better environments at Great Lakes Power Vac (GLPV). This is reflected in all of the work we perform across our range of industrial cleaning projects.

One of these jobs that we’re thrilled to share involved extensive roof vacuuming services in Milwaukee. Our team was prepared to complete the task.


Due to deterioration of the roof membrane of a downtown Milwaukee area educational institution, a local roofing contractor gave us a call to request we act as a subcontractor and utilize our highly-skilled roof vacuuming crews on one of its job sites.

After agreeing on a scope of work that included labor, equipment, materials, and the removal of vacuumed materials to a designated area on-site to be disposed of, GLPV’s experienced team responded accordingly to the scheduled project dates specified by the prime contractor.


The campus’s roof membrane was in poor condition and needed replacement. Since the project required all the necessary resources to remove 25,000-square-feet of ballast rock from a 40-foot-high rooftop, the workload was fairly significant.

Our crew was able to proficiently vacuum the surface of the roof, so that the prime contractor could quickly and efficiently install a new membrane for the building.


“Great Lakes Power Vac’s performance during this project was great. Their crew foreman? Top-notch!” – Project Roofing Contractor

Our experienced, two-man industrial roof vacuuming crew at GLPV utilized a Supersucker® vacuum truck to remove all 25,000-square-feet of ballast from the campus rooftop in downtown Milwaukee.

By removing the layer of rock, the deteriorated membrane was exposed, enabling the primary contractor’s crews to replace it safely and without further complications. Throughout the process, our crew properly disposed of the vacuumed material in the designated area on-site.

All in all, we successfully completed this scope of work in less than three shifts during the month of April – allowing the prime contractor to easily stay within all time and budgetary constraints.


Great Lakes Power Vac can offer reliable and cost-effective industrial rooftop vacuuming support to primary contractors. Our services provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Ballast Removal
  • Rock Disposal (Included)
  • Sizable Labor and Cost Reduction
  • Roof Replacement Time Reduction
  • Loose Gravel/Dirt Removal

If you’re interested in requesting our environmental services, be sure to contact us online today or give us a call at 800.822.4887.


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