Is It Time For Water Filtration Media Maintenance?

Routine doesn’t have to be a dirty word. To some, the word “routine” means monotonous, tedious, or uninspiring. While this can be true in some cases, using the word “routine” within the context of managing water filtration media can actually be quite refreshing.

After all, when it comes to ensuring your water quality, establishing a standard maintenance routine is a simple way to avoid a multitude of issues.


Filtration systems have been used to separate solids from liquids on an industrial scale since ancient Egyptian times. The fact that they are still heavily utilized today is a testament to the importance of the functions they perform.

Any company or organization that is involved in the management of water systems must not only have good filtration systems in-place but also maintain the resulting filter media to avoid costly issues, such as:

  • Water Contamination
  • Health and Safety Concerns
  • Critical Changes in pH Levels
  • Facility Disruptions

Implementing scheduled maintenance on your filtration systems can prevent many of these issues and ensure your water quality is kept up to standard.


As a company that provides industrial vacuuming and environmental services, our crews have encountered a wide variety of water filtration media.

Depending on the reason for filtration and the type of filter used, media requiring removal before filter replacement may include:

  • Sand
  • Gravel/Rock (Various Sizes)
  • Anthracite
  • Carbon


When we receive a call requesting filtration media removal, our team at Great Lakes Power Vac works hand-in-hand with customers to gather details regarding their needs. This allows us to properly assess the scope of work and provide an accurate estimate for our environmental services.

Information gathering at the front end of the process is also key to determining disposal needs for the material. If the customer does not have a disposal site planned for the media, we can help in that process, including performing any needed sampling and analytical on the material to set up a landfill profile, if needed.

This initial gathering of information is vital to the outcome of a project, since we have served many clients in vastly different environments, such as:

  • Water Treatment/Management Facilities
  • Educational Campus Pools
  • Waterparks

Upon project approval and scheduling, we arrive on-site with our hose and pipe, which we have performed at distances of 400-500 feet, as well as any additional hoses or attachments needed for specialized filters or conditions.


Scheduling routine maintenance on your water filtration systems can help you avoid costly issues, remove harmful pollutants, and ensure that your facilities run smoothly and efficiently.

Just as you need to clean and replace the water filter in your drinking water at home, appropriate management of your filtration systems on an industrial scale is important to the health of your organization.

See…routine isn’t such a dirty word, after all!

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