Industrial Overhead Cleaning Of Powder Coating Area For Dezurik

Formed in 1928, DeZURIK, Inc. is a high-performance designer and manufacturer of municipal and industrial valves. The company’s 90-year legacy continues as they produce some of the finest valves in the world for water treatment, sewage treatment, water distribution, pump stations, pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical, mining, power, hydropower dams, and other process industries.

Project Background

In August of 2018, DeZURIK called upon Great Lakes Power Vac to assist them with an overhead cleaning facility maintenance project after installing a powder coating process back in 2013.

The valve manufacturer’s aim was to remove the dust build-up on the high surfaces to reduce contamination in the powder coating process and improve housekeeping in the area.

Our scope of industrial cleaning services included vacuuming the horizontal surfaces, such as beams, trusses, light tops, crane rails, pipes, and the tops of all powder coating booths.


Due to the job site being located in Minnesota, Great Lakes Power Vac quoted the project “site-unseen” based on information provided by the customer. Through this process, we learned the area housing the powder coating process had long been part of the foundry at the facility.

When the project was quoted, it was believed that there would be a ¼-inch or less of material on the overhead surfaces. Days before our team was set to mobilize to the site in September, however, other contractors performing work at elevated heights in the area discovered the dust build-up was worse than originally thought.  There was a thin layer of powder coating media over foundry sand. 

Great Lakes Power Vac’s Solution

“The cleaning crew from Great Lakes Power Vac did a fantastic job cleaning our facility and minimized their impact to our production operations.” – Tim Nebosis, Vice President of Operations at DeZURIK.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned working in construction, it’s that adapting and overcoming obstacles is a way of life. At Great Lakes Power Vac, our team of skilled industrial cleaners have extensive experience in this area.

With these newfound challenges in mind, our project management team acted quickly to modify the equipment sent out to the project (from an in-plant vacuum system to a full vacuum truck).

The switch proved to be the perfect solution. Our crew was able to effectively vacuum the horizontal overhead surfaces with the increased power and vacuum level.

With the right equipment on-site, Great Lakes Power Vac efficiently completed the project on-time, while meeting the budget that was quoted for the job without issue.

Do You Need Help Keeping Dust Levels in Check?

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